Starting a home business is a very important decision, and there are some typical home business resources you will need to have in order for you to succeed. Home business resources are assets, services and systems you will need to make your home business run smoothly; and also other steps you will need to take to make sure that you will succeed with your business.

So, to start a successful home business, what resources and steps do you need to take?

A clearly laid out business plan. Without a business plan and goals to achieve, then you can not get anywhere. A business plan will map out what you need to succeed and how you will achieve your goals.

Good research. Whatever your business will need, you will need to be well informed about it. So you will need to do me research so that you become an expert on the niche, product or service. Knowledge about the business is an important home business resource, so you must do the necessary research to be well-informed about the industry or product/service.

A well set-up office. Your office is another important home business resource. You will need to be productive while working from home. You will therefore need an office that has all you will need to run a smooth business; a computer, printer, internet access, fax, telephone, business cards and a conducive work environment. A suitable desk and appropriate lighting in your office is also an important resource that is often underestimated in its importance. You will sometimes work for many hours in a day, and your work space needs to be comfortable. Allocate some money towards setting up a working environment you will enjoy working from everyday!

Some money to cover capital outlay and running costs is an important home business resource which you will need. Any business requires some form of investment, and you will need to know how much you have, and how much investments and ongoing marketing your business will need for it to succeed. It is therefore recommended that you start your business while you are still employed, so that you have some income to live on while you are still building your business.

Support system. This can be a mentor; someone who has succeeded with a similar business, or simply your family and friends. You need to have people close to you who will encourage you and give you any support you need. You can also join a forum of people with the same business like yours. A good support network is a very important home business resource.

Business leads and clients are a crucial home business resource. Making and creating contacts and networking is very important – you need to start building your potential clients base before you launch your business. Start marketing your business by giving away some products and services. By creating a relationship with your potential customers, you build trust with them, and when you launch your business, it will be easy for them to buy from you.

Be professional! The way you run your business and relate to your customers is very important. Be prepared to ‘go the extra mile’ with your customers. Care about your customers, and provide all the information they may need.

Hire any professional help you may need. Treat your business professionally, and if you need the services of a lawyer or accountant, hire/outsource it. It is more productive and effective to get experts to do what you can not do, leaving you time to focus on your business. You will want to do the best for your business; so if there are any home business resources you do not have, outsource them.

If you have the home business resources outlined above, then your business will succeed. Although your home business may only be a small venture, treat it like a real business, and get all the home business resources any business will need in order to be successful.

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Ajay Jacobsen is an Internet Marketer. Involved with network marketing and marketing since 2000. To find the best home based business ideas and opportunities so you can work at home visit:


How To Sell Your Home Business


Do you have a successful home business? Do you feel that it is about time to move
onto a new venture in life? If this sounds like you, you may want to look into selling
your home business.

When you started out this was probably the furthest thing from your mind, but sometimes things happen. And now you find yourself in the position of wanting to sell your home business. Even though this sounds like an easy enough task, there are actually a lot of details that you will have to consider. After all, you put your heart and soul into making your home business the best. You want to make sure that you get what you deserve, right?

The first thing that you will need to do when selling your home business is come up with an idea of how much money you would like to get for it. Setting a price early on will allow you to negotiate more easily down the line. By skipping this step you may end up losing out on money that is yours when you make the sale.

Actually setting a price to sell your home business for is not the easiest thing to do.

You need to take into consideration the amount of money that you currently earn, as well as how much growth potential there is. Some people will tell you that you should sell your home business for your monthly income x 12. This may make sense in some situations, but you may be selling yourself short if you do this. You need to make sure that you are compensated for the money that you would make down the line as well.

After you know how much money you want to sell your home business for, the next step is to find a buyer. This can often times be the most difficult task. You can place ads both in print and online in order to get the word out. If you are having no luck on your own, there are brokers that can help you out with the sales process. They are more or less responsible for bringing buyers and sellers together. This may be your best option if you do not want to do a lot of the work on your own. Finding a broker that can help you sell your home business can be done by searching online. In no time you will have plenty of brokers to choose from.

If you are at the point when you want to sell your home business you are lucky. Not a lot of people make it this far. In order to get a fair price for your home business, make sure that you ask what you want and stick to your guns.

About the Author:
Ajay Jacobsen is an Internet Marketer. Involved with network marketing and marketing since 2000. To find the best home based business ideas and opportunities so you can work at home visit:


SendOutCards has been working closely with the post office to develop a new product that would give us the ability to have our own stamp.

After 4 years of collaborating and preparation this project has resulted in the new envelope.

To date SendOutCards will be the only company in the United States to that has their own stamp. As of now all cards being mailed within the United States will have this stamp printed directly on the envelope.

This is also the first step in tracking every single card across the country. That phase should be complete in the next 90-120 days.

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Why Is SendOutCards So Popular?


To start with, realizing that most people fail to act on situations where they realize that they need to immediately send a card to someone, calling it “prompting”, Kody Bateman founded Send Out Cards, an online company that offers printing and sending of traditional greeting cards and not electronic cards that one can send and receive via email. Established in 2003 with their base of operations in Salt Lake City, Utah, they have grown significantly with revenues in 2009 reportedly reaching the 70,000,000 dollars mark.

Not just cards, the company at also delivers gifts and with over 43 million cards sent, has become America’s largest first class mailing company as well as ranking among the fastest expanding network marketing business opportunities today. And being the only network marketing company operating in this niche market, it is a low competitive market that makes it easier for anyone to have the opportunity to grow as a network partner or affiliate.

Send Out Cards has succeeded because it offers a simple yet effective solution for people to act on their promptings. In just a matter of minutes, a person can pick from their vast collection of greeting cards, numbering over 15,000 over 550 categories, customize the design, add a photo or message to personalize the card, and that’s it.

After deciding on the final card outcome and sending it, the company will then print the card, stuff it in an envelope, stamp it, and send it to the address you have provided, anywhere it the world. And because it doesn’t cost as much as the price of the common card from a shop, it’s not only a time saver, but also a money saver as well, especially for businesses.

They also has been a viable solution not only for personal reasons, but also as a marketing tool for businesses in their efforts to establish good customer relationship. By providing Send Out Cards with the contact details and the dates, they can send out cards for a business to greet their clients automatically.

And with their reminder system, you will never have to forget an occasion to greet someone; the company will remind you of these dates once you have stored the data with them.

Without any actual physical product to purchase and store, the company is unlike many network marketing companies. What you will be marketing will be the services and products, which the company will store itself. This makes it very easy for anyone to become a part of the feature rich system.

What makes the company highly viable as a home based business opportunity is the fact that there is a high demand for its products and services, plus the fact that it offers great convenience.

For instance, the Send Out Cards system allows contacts to be imported so when it’s time to send out a card, a customer needs only to click the contact for the recipient’s address. And when added with other important details, such as birthdays, anniversaries, and other important occasions, a customer will receive notifications as reminders.

Also, with its capability of sending multiple cards at once, a person or business can use the system to send out invitations, notifications, announcements, and even thank you cards. As the system allows photo uploading as well as your own handwriting and signature, you can get a highly personalized card to be generated.
What About The Send Out Cards Business?

To become a part of the SOC network community, you can choose from the different packages that the company offers, from the basic SOC Box package, to the premium Entrepreneur package.

There are three common ways that a home based business can generate income with the Send Out Cards compensation plan, first is through retail sales commissions, where income is earned through a percentage of the purchases made by retail customers; second through residual commissions, where income is generated through the total volume of sales generated by the downline; and third, through leadership bonuses where a certain percentage, depending on a person’s rank, is earned as commission every time someone in the downline purchases a package.

With an easy to market system and services offered, the company is definitely a viable home based business opportunity devoid of the hassles of selling hard to dispose of products.  No scam here of any kind.

OK, so with all of that said, while they do offer a great product and company, success really comes down to how YOU market it, not about how great the company is, or how incredible the opportunity is.  How many times have you heard, “Once in a lifetime opportunity”?

Right now, the best place to market your opportunity is on the internet, including Send Out Cards.  You can get right in front of others who are specifically looking for exactly what you have to offer, whether the product or another opportunity.   One can find no better prospect than someone who is already looking for exactly your product or service or business.

SendOutCards Review: Sending greeting cards used to be a simple but wonderful activity, that’s until multilevel marketing came into the fray, and made sending out greeting cards a fun and profitable venture as well.

SendOutCards has a system which allows its members to operate an online greeting card system, send out online and actual cards in a flurry. The company founder, Cody Bateman, says this novel system will make it easier for you to keep in touch with friends and family members, and enables you to earn considerable income as well.

A Novel Way Of Sending Greeting Cards Online

SendOutCards online greeting card system allows you to manage your schedules, especially the birthdays and anniversaries of your friends and family members, through its contact manager at the official Web site. Once you’re logged in to their Web site, you will easily choose from hundreds of cards to send. It will also be easy for you to customize the cards, where you can add a photo, or inscribe your own thoughts or special phrases.

After you have decided the layout with your personal touch, simply click on the send button and the company does the rest. This is a convenient and cost-efficient way since you’ll only pay a fraction of the standard cost of picking out a card and mailing it through the mail. People usually get their special card within a couple of days.

How The SendOutCards Compensation Plan Works

Because this greeting card company operates as a multilevel marketing entity, it has a system wherein members get paid fast, and earn considerable income. Once you sign-up for the business opportunity, you’ll be the first SendOutCard customer. Once you try the system, you will then refer friends and associates to join your network, as your downlines.

Just like any other network marketing company, commissions are earned on the card sales and signing people up on a annual prepaid greeting card program. Distributors are paid down to 7 levels. Rebates and other discounts can also be earned while you build your business. Also the company offers a preferred customer program to help you grow your business.

Leadership bonuses are also offered where you can make as much as 5% to 25% commissions from the greeting card sales volume from your group. When you achieve a certain level within the company, you can earn commissions that have unlimited levels.

Generating Sales Using The Internet

The SendOutCards business model is designed to take advantage of the Internet. The company allows their members to tap into their system to generate a bunch of leads each day using their innovative Internet marketing method. Independent distributors say that it is easier to contact people using the Internet than calling people up. I would have to agree with them. Using the Internet does give people a change to reach a bunch of people within a short period of time.

SendOutCards compensation plan is a very lucrative and generous compensation plan for their independent distributors. The company provides a viable way for you to earn income from the comfort of your home.

When you first start out, retail commissions will be your bread and butter. You’ll earn up to 35% commission on retailing the greeting cards. Also you will want to be on the $31 auto-ship program to earn commissions on your downlines sales volume. However, if you want to build a large, successful business, then you need to learn the right strategies and tactics. Not being an effective network marketer will definitely make it harder on you to achieve any serious income with SendOutCards.

Visit Ajay Jacobsen’s site to read the full SendOutCards review.

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